Happy New Year Quotes 2017

Happy New Year 2017 is like special eve which celebrates by every country together. Every religion people celebrate this New Year Evening whatever they are belongs to christen, Muslim, Jain, Hindu. New year is the day to welcome new things in our life. Most of people take some resolution on New Year. Happy New Year was celebrated in all over the world on the date of 1st January. Before Happy New Year on the evening of 31st Decemeber people decided the plan for the celebration.

Happy New Year 2017 Quotes

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out,
but to see who cares enough to break them down,
“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave,
And impossible to forget.”

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“True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.”

“Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery,
by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.”

“A true friendship is like sound health,
the value of it is seldom known until lost.”

“Good friends,
good books and
a sleepy conscience,
this is the ideal life.”

“There are three faithful friends,
an old wife,
an old dog,
and ready money,
Friends come and go but enemies accumulate.”

Happy New Year Quotes 2017

“A friend is one who knows you
and loves you just the same.”

“One friend in a lifetime is much,
two are many,
three are hardly possible,
Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life,
a community of thought,
a rivalry of aim."

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New Year Wishes Quotes 2017

“With true friends…
even water drunk together is sweet enough.”

“In the New Year,
may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship,
but never in want.”

“Wish you all a wonderful New Year and,
hope you spill the magic of greetings,
by sending New Year friendship quotes."

Happy New Year Quotes Sayings:-

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“Celebrate what you want to see more of."

“At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well,
and talk well but not too wisely."

“Cheers to a new year and,
another chance for us to get it right."

“New Year's Day is every man's birthday."

“Character is the ability to carry out,
a good resolution long after,
the excitement of the moment has passed ,
I doubt if you can have a truly wild party without liquor."

Happy New Year Quotes in English:-

“Sometimes too much to,
drink is barely enough."

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar,
you present a new place for new ideas and progress."

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."

Happy New Year Quotes For Friends:-

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